Prabuddha resonates with Awakening.

Through the efficient use of Technology and Science, we can not only save earth’s currently deteriorating condition, but also make our planet a better place to live in for coming generations- as we awake from the constant slumber of exploiting the nature’s given gifts.

India is poised for a giant leap from the ranks of developing countries to developed countries today. Our economic growth is robust, yet we need to ensure that momentum doesn’t get slow down and the benefits of prosperity and growth should percolate down to the level of the masses across the length and breadth of the country.

Energy and electricity are the basis of every activity to take place. There is this concern of level of energy consumption and current scenario of the available supply with its very high price in all sense. Unless we address this alarm urgently, the situation may turn grave and disastrous. With our Solutions and Services, Prabuddha offers the wake-up call and a perfect remedy with its Green Renewable Energy offerings and Energy Efficiency Improvement Solutions and Services. We aim for sustainable development permeating to Industries , giving them triple top line growth – and to the urban and rural domestic Communities, giving them secure and safe overall growth and prosperity.