Power contributes to 25% of total network cost, one of the key areas where the telecom providers are looking forward to reduce cost is energy. Unfortunately, poor quality of grid supply in suburban and semi-rural areas and no grid supply at many rural areas is increasing the energy cost for the telecom providers. 10% of telecom towers in India have no power supply while almost 50% have less than 12 hours of grid supply. Even in those 12 hours of grid supply there are problems of low voltage, single phasing and fluctuations that necessitate the use of diesel genset round the clock. The increasing energy cost, uncertain grid power and lower affordability of rural people is having a double warming effect to the telecom service providers.

Prabuddha presents the ideal solution for the telecom service providers in form of Solar PV based captive power. Most of the towers that need off grid power are located at a place where there are no space limitations and this makes solar PV as an ideal choice. Also, network uptime can be managed in difficult hilly and terrain regions with the use of solar power.

Applications :
Telecommunications companies
Telecommunication towers
Mobile companies

Commercial and Industrial

Solar power makes financial sense for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Prabuddha’s skilled commercial dealers will work with you to evaluate, specify, and install the right solar system to meet your needs

High-yield: Solar electricity systems are often a more profitable and more secure investment than company shares
Improves lives in rural areas: Enhances the quality of life of underserved households, improves productivity at night and encourages the development of livelihoods.
Entertainment and education benefits: Rural electrification provides affordable electricity that gives rural households access to lighting, radio and television.
Safe: With solar lighting, there is a low risk for accidents

The Power Solutions offered by
Prabuddha provides various advantages such as :

Sustainablilty: Solar energy conserves existing fossil fuels
Environmentally friendly: Producing clean electricity is good for the environment. It is your contribution to a brighter future for the next generation.
Emission-free: The production of solar power is completely silent and odour-free
Independence: With a PV system you can produce your own electricity. You are not affected by rising electricity prices. And you can use the electricity for your own consumption.

Features of the Prabuddha Solar Power System :

Life of the System More Than 25 years
Running Cost Almost Zero
Maintenance Almost Zero
Noise Level Compare to Generator Zero
Carbon Credits Applicable for whole system

Rural/Domestic Community: Off-Grid Electrification

Solar Electrification of rural areas in developing countries increases the quality of life, stimulates productivity and education and reverses urbanization trends.
Rural electrification fosters truly achieving our development goals. PV electricity combines a relatively high initial investment with very low operational costs, thus they are often the least-cost option in off-grid electrification. It is specially appreciated there where there is no grid electricity, in farms or rural dwellings. Prabuddha gives paramount importance to long life of such systems and components. This ensures consumer satisfaction and success of credit schemes.