Promoting Self-Sufficiency through Employment and Business Growth

Prabuddha supports sustained competitive employment and growth of business in the field of green energy – Sustainability being one of our core values. We work closely with people having high integrity and passion for excellence, to help them obtain meaningful employment opportunities in community-based settings. By investing in Prabuddha Power products, the local community entrepreneurs becomes our local business partner, managing and building a business of their own.

At the same time, as part of the Prabuddha Techno Ventures’ endeavors, they confidently rely on our expertise, training and support of leading entities in this field like Solar Energy Society of India (SESI) and Steinbeis GmbH & Co. KG fur Technologie transfer, Germany – SCTI (India). To achieve Win-Win situation, Prabuddha works on a viable, productive, working relationship built on trust, co-operation, dedication and teamwork – in short, a true business partnership.

India is a land of diversity. The varied richness of cultures and dialects also demand the sensitization towards preserving the personal touch for getting the maximum community-wide involvement. Prabuddha ensures this by liaising with its local partners – as community responds better to the local person who is one amongst their own. Alternate clean energy is yet to proliferate the minds and the lives of people as the most prevalent sources of obtaining power. To tackle this issue of hesitancy towards the renewable energy based products amongst masses, we ensure the precise understanding and clear fundamentals of the renewable energy concepts by our associates by conducting Knowledge sharing and Awareness sessions. The key to sustainable consumption is to divert the energy load onto the renewable sources.

Here are some of the main benefits offered to a potential business associate:

• long-term tenure enabling you to develop recognized goodwill
• regular contact with and assistance from a well-trained and qualified business manager
• regular Prabuddha brand advertising
• incentive schemes and productive business conferences;
• bulk buying benefits exclusive to Prabuddha Associates, for both products and service
• installation of proven Prabuddha products .
• advice and training on latest practices and policies from government.
• business advice to maximize your turnover and operational efficiency, guidance for total business management.
• knowledge-sharing
• continued contribution by Prabuddha towards growing your business through feedback, research, development and ongoing promotions

With this, Prabuddha contributes to enterprising associates’ financial stability and quality of life with the creation of meaningful, long-lasting opportunities. Thus contributing to holistic growth of society, enabling social and economic development.

Together, we can make the difference.

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